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Wavelengths of light color is strong, can pass data to describe the data call, wavelength. The wavelength of light can be seen in 780nm - 380. Unit: nano (nm)

Brightness: brightness refers to the degree of light and shade, defined object is the luminous intensity of unit area. Unit (nit) :

Light source: refers to the degree of bright. Also said in a certain direction and source of light visible within the scope of the strength of the physical. Unit candle (CD) :

Flux: the light emission and people's eyes receives the summation of the energy that ¦µ (for flux. Unit (Lm) lumens:

Efficacy: the source of power sources by flux. It is the important measure of light energy. Unit: each tile lumen (Lm/w).

Color: light, to see is the color of verisimilitude. Usually called "the colour developing index". Unit: Ra.

Color: light emission of light color and blackbody radiation in a certain temperature, light hue blackbody temperature is called the light colour temperature. Unit: kelvin (k).

Glare in view of the high brightness, contrast strongly object or the brightness, caused by visual uncomfortable called glare, influence the quality of illumination is dizzy important factors.

Synchronicity: two or more in no time LED lamp, can according to the procedures set of normal operation, synchronized manner synchronization is LED lamp accomplish coordinated variation of basic requirements.

Class: IP protection class of lamps and lanterns is in accordance with the characteristics of moisture, dustproof, classification, consists of two Numbers are composed, the first number represents lamps and lanterns dustproof, prevent outside the level committed (0-6), the second number represents prevent moisture, waterproof lamps and lanterns of committed sealing (0-8), greater Numbers that its protective higher grades.


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