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The basic unit of measure and professional lighting
Four basic unit of measure and professional lighting
Cosine rule
Plane perpendicular to the direction of not illuminate the illumination equal to that of the closest to the direction of divided by the square of the distance light. The intensity of illumination value must be multiplied by the incident ray and vertical Angle cosine), and the g get cosine rule.
Definition of illumination
Illuminance refers to fall on the surface of the total illumination on unit area or flux (as shown). It consists of symbols E said
Fai Definition of luminance show
Fai degrees Luminance - symbols are L, the unit is the candle per square meter.
Beam Luminous flux - (flux) symbols f, unit lumen (lm) unit lumen --
Beam of light (flux per second) refers to the total amount of light is simple, said.
Definition of luminous intensity show
Photometric refers to a particular direction Angle in the amount of light that radiation per second, symbols is I.
Inverse square law
Photometric (I) and the xinhui degrees (E) - inverse square law
Beam (flux) (f) and photometric (l)
When an average of radioactive sources in all directions.


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