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About us

1. Our history:
2000, founded Zhongyi Industrial (British) Co., Ltd., registered "MFLUX" European and American brands, in 2008, the establishment of independent production plant, in Foshan, Guangdong registered: Foshan Nanhai Rui Qi Hardware Electric Co., Ltd., specialized in export to European and American quality assurance, then registered "Guangdong Rui Qi lighting" brand, 2005, registered in Guangzhou. Guangzhou goods and Gold International Trade Co., Ltd., fully open up the domestic market.
2. Our today:
We are now specialized in exporting the quality of 20 years in Europe and America, the sole agent of "MFLUX" of European and American independent brands, the independent professional lighting design of the company, the innovative patent products, and the European design concept: the art of lighting, individuation and humanization.
3, our product advantages:
(1) reasonable arrangement of light source and proper lumen value
(2) modularization of product design, optimization of design for different locations, and convenience for later maintenance.
(3) comprehensive application and combination of lamps and lanterns with dots, lines and surfaces.
(4) the importance of focusing on the details of the accessories
(5) local and European designers participate in lighting design, beautiful and energy saving.
(6) pay attention to quality and safety and various testing and certification.